Prices and Terms & Conditions at Canal Wharf Studios

Please ensure you have fully read our terms and conditions before agreeing to using and/or hiring the Canal Wharf Studio and equipment. All hirers are assumed to have accepted these terms on making a booking.

  • Payment to be made in full before the hire period commences
  • Care must be taken with all equipment and facilities, and Canal Wharf Studios reserve the right to charge for damage
  • Only people directly involved with the production process are to be on the Canal Wharf Studios premises
  • No alcohol is to be brought on to the premises and nobody who is under the influence of alcohol/substances should be on the premises
  • Respect should be shown to neighbouring businesses and Canal Wharf Studio staff. We reserve the right to remove anyone acting aggressively, inappropriately, or threatening the safety of staff.
  • Any equipment, personal belongings, or vehicles brought to Canal Wharf Studios are the responsibility of the owner

If you would like to discuss any of these terms and conditions, please contact